First Baptist Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at First Baptist is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

  • Aaron Summers

    Lead Pastor

    Aaron grew up in Kentucky and Tennessee.  He and Dulcie were married in 1994 and have 2 children: Samuel and Isabella.  He loves reading, golf, and travel.  He is currently training for a half-marathon and trying to reduce his physical book footprint.

  • Keith Warren

    Director of Youth Ministries

    After serving 22 years in the Navy, Keith came on as our youth and administration ministries leader.  He and Joanna were married in 1994 and have 4 boys. He LOVES the Kansas City Chiefs.  He is engaged in our school system through athletics, choir, 

  • (Seeking)

    Director of Worship Arts


    Director of Childhood ministries

  • LInda Parker

    Office Administrator

    Linda was born and raised a Texan and is perfectly happy to stay residing in Texas!  She has been married to George since 1974 and has 2 children: Todd and Ruth.  She loves to travel, having visited 17 countries and 33 states.  She enjoys reading and sewing (when she has the time).  Linda has been with FBC since 2013 and isn't ready to retire!

  • Mark reljac

    Financial Administrator

    Mark grew up in Monroe, LA.  He is a graduate of NE Louisiana University and UTA.  He and Melissa have been married since 1990.  He enjoys history, music, and all things LSU.  He LOVES his beagles.

  • Justice and Robin McCarty

    Facilities Management