Latest Update

As of Wednesday, March 25, our region is on "shelter in place".  However, we are being allowed to have DRIVE-IN CHURCH this Sunday at 11am.  There are requirements to do so:

     1.  Everyone must remain in car except for essential personnel.

     2.  Enter the West from Longhorn drive.

     3.  Exit the East onto Eagle after service.

     4.  No available bathrooms!

     5.  Broadcast will be on an FM station when you arrive.

     6.  We will park you and its not like the lines on the lot.

     7.  Be ready to worship!

You can find our Sunday Worship using our LIVE link. 

   Worship Guide

   Lyric Guide

Our ELEVATE KIDS ministry on Wednesday nights will be prerecorded and placed on our ELEVATE Page.  If you are interested in Bible Study, there will be ZOOM meeting for the first 100 participants who log on.  This will be an interactive using a chat option in Zoom.  During this time, if you could continue to tithe and give there is an online option.  Thank you for your grace and patience during this unique moment in history.

6 Reasons to Trust God in a Crisis


Community Engagement.

We seek to be a leader in compassion to those in need of it in the community.  We will be the connecting point for those who have it all together and those who do not.  We see a future where we partner with the community.  We see a time when our schools excel because families are thriving, tables are places of conversation, and the cupboards are full.  We see a future that finds solutions and responds with the community.


We believe in connecting with people.  We seek to be a leader in compassion and a connecting point for those who might have it together and those who don't. We seek to be a body more than a building.  We will be connecting with one another in homes, classes, jobs, and the community.  Through love, hope, and grace we will see lives transformed.

Spiritual Development

We are equipping world changers rather than seat warmers!  Hundreds, like you and us, will realize the dream of God and speak life into the world.  We are engaging the gospel in real life.  We seek to have spiritual conversations regularly and spiritual influence constantly.  We are developing families where dinner tables and bedrooms are places of biblical conversations.  Making disciples that make a difference. 


We, at FBC, desire to find unity in diversity.  We believe the gospel is for all and want to be a reflection of our community.  The Bible speaks of every tribe, nation, and tongue.  We believe this too!  As we walk, let us walk together.  As we worship let us do it together.  As we engage our community and help families reach their potential we must come together to accomplish such a great task. We already love you and hope to see you soon!